Osama Bin Laden's Death Makes an Opening to Internet Scammers

Osama Bin Laden’s death might had just ended a war in the real world, but not in the internet world. Instead, it had just opened a door to all the internet scammers or spammers to start working. Why is it so? Imagine some fella just post on a website and says, “click here to see how Osama Bin Laden was killed“. Many internet users are going to put their click on it. I personally would not be interested to see how he was killed, but I am sure that headlines sure able to make some internet users click on it. The thing here is, it is not about just clicking the URL. If a user accidentally clicked on the URL, he/she might have just loaded a malicious website and then get his computer infected. It is all about phishing and with today’s technology, there are plenty of room for the attackers to begin with apart from the given example. If you are interested to know, keep reading and I will tell you how.

Read Full Story Tricks
How does this work? Alright, this scammers is going to give you one of the most wonderful introduction of all time on this issue. I am not some story teller and thus I am not able to give you any good example here. It could be some description about Osama’s background, his contribution to the terrorist group and then slowly step into partial story of how he was killed. After that, there is a link for you to click to view full story. That is the place you were caught. It could be malicious. It could be really the full story. Just be careful before you click on any of those link. If you can’t be sure that it is a trusted source, then don’t trust it. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Click to View the Images
Apart from story, another attractive method is to let you see some small image with the headline, Osama’s Death. By showing you some small sized image, you might be interested to click on the image to enlarge. Well, at least this is what most website do. You click to enlarge the image. By hey, that is not for scammers. To them, they want you to click to bring you to the malicious website so that they can infect you. Be sure what you are clicking before you actually click. Make sure it does not suddenly redirect you to some unknown domain name.

Click to Watch the Videos
What can be more attractive than watching a video? Many scammers are using video to lure the internet users into clicking them. This is because many would love to watch video rather than reading or seeing the images. You might have tons of videos in youtube that did not show the actual video on how Osama was killed, but rather a link to link to their homepage so that they can show you. If they really have the video of course then only they would be able to show you. Otherwise, you might just fell for their trap.

Tweets Tweets Tweets
Twitter is popular and you will be seeing many tweets about Osama Death even from your friends. If you happen to have a close friend who tweets about Osama Death, you should not click on the news as well. You might not know how he/she tweets this news. Probably there is a website that requested him to tweet his twitter account in order for him to login and view some malicious website that so-called contain Osama death news/image/videos. Contact your friend directly and if he tweets about Osama death for a very good reason, then you can click on his tweets to see the news. Otherwise, stay away from that tweet.

Facebook, of course
Facebook could be the first thing that scammers started their move. They can just create some page and ask the people who are interested in seeing the Osama death in detail to like the page. Of course before that it will require you to share the news so that the scammers can spread their page even better. Last but not least, you will not reach the video but probably malicious site or some surveys to take so that the scammers can earn some money from there.

Believe me or not, all the things mentioned above are possible. The scammers can also spread the news quickly with some blackhat SEO to get more traffic and victims. At this kind of period, I would not go into any Osama death URL just to avoid all these scams. After all, I am not some Osama Bin Laden fan or some fella that like to see how a person die.

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