New Malware Targets Mac System

We have seen many Malware that had been targeting Windows OS all this while but not anymore with the number of Mac users in the world which has finally attracted the hackers to start building Mac Malware. It is not any ‘in progress’ thing as experts already discovered that there is a Scareware that attact a Mac user via Safari browser and then tricked them to download a bogus Mac Defender. But before we move in further, let me tell you why Mac had become more attractive target to the hackers.

What are the top gadgets around the world? I would say iPad and iPhone although some will claim ‘Android Rawcks’, but those two mentioned are still few of the top gadgets. What makes them top is not my concern, but what happened after they topped the popularity is the actual deal. Both iPad and iPhone run on one powerful OS which they call it Mac OS. Malware in the old times are built under Windows platform and thus they are super effective exploiting Windows machine. Leaving the Mac machine all had a strong security and some even say they are immune to Malware but not anymore. This is because with the popularity increased drastically and finally attracted the hackers around the world to start switching their target to the Mac users. On top of that, they are all smartphone and tablet user and it is believe that the combination of those two number of users could be as great as laptop or desktop users or even more. With such great supply for the hackers, it is no doubt for any hacker to start developing Mac Malware.


What are the Initial Sign of Mac Malware?

Hackers already begun to send warning to all Mac users recently with the attack using Scareware. This attack started by infecting the images on Google image search and the exploit through the Safari web browser.  By having the user clicked on those malicious images, it will activate the Scareware by telling the particular user that his machine is infected by malicious software and tricked the user by telling them that it can only be removed by the unofficial MacDefender. The unofficial MacDefender does not actually remove the Scareware, but just tricked the user to purchase a software that is not needed by the system. The creator of MacDefender already put an official notice to urge the user not to download and open any program named after as they will never release an application with such name.

Mac Malware: More to Come

Slowly, I am sure we are going to see more Mac Malware around the web which will soon be on par with the number of Malware for Windows. I am not trying to say Apple has done a bad job in IT security or Anti-virus company is not doing a good job but the fact is, the popularity is the sign for hackers to turn their attention on. Imagine the number of Mac users before iPhone and iPad were launched and now, I am sure we all can see a very big difference. When you are in the library someone is playing iPad. When you are on the train or bus, people are playing with iPhone. Even at work or college, iPhone is also there. If you are outside the world standing in any street, you will lost count of the numbers of iPhone/iPad walk passed you. The growth in Mac users had awaken the Mac Malware and every Mac users have to be extra careful when dealing with sensitive issue such as credit card or password on their Mac.

Update: This is a short post on the Mac Malware solution.


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  1. dE_logics says:

    Another reason to use Linux with it’s software center… a idea which’s 25+ years old and recently ported to the mobile/tablet market.

    • admin says:


      It really depends on the market I personally think. If the market is there, even Linux will have to go through what Mac is going through now. Windows is already experienced in handling these types of attack. The is something Windows have more experience than Mac. But, yah, temporarily, Linux is something everyone can look into for a better security.

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