Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Review

When you have problems with Malware in your computer, you will go to any forum and post your problem there. Many will reply to you and ask you to use your Anti-Virus to scan your computer or they will ask you to use another program which is much more lighter than any Anti-Virus in the world to scan your computer. The program that we are talking about is what I am going to put a short review into it and it is called Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (often abbreviated as MBAM). MBAM is a very light version of an Anti-Virus. I am going to break into three sections below for my review on this product.



When I first downloaded this program, what amazed me was that the size was only 7 MB – 8MB. This ended up downloading the installer for this Anti-Malware is pretty fast. In addition to that, the installation of this Anti-Malware is also very fast. This could probably be that it is not some sophisticated Anti-Virus and hence the installation will not take a long time. Overall, the usability is still impressive although the menu are pretty simple. If you have the intention to upgrade to a paid version, you will also get auto updates and scheduled scans.


MBAM is very effective in removing most of the Malwares. It can detect a lot of types of Adware as well and it is very effective to counter Scareware. Removing the threats with MBAM is pretty easy and efficient as well. If you somehow encountered a locked file or some file which cannot be removed, you can use one of the tool provided by this Anti-Malware software called FileAssasin to unlock the file to remove them. Like any other Anti-Virus, you can quarantine the threat first before making the decision to remove them. You can also place the file into ignore list. This will only be useful if you intended to keep some Malware in your computer for your research purposes.


The performance of MBAM is somewhat awesome. As mentioned, the installation was quick. On top of that, the full system scan was only approximately 20 minutes on my computer. This is extremely fast as certain Anti-Spyware such as Spyware Doctor and Norton 360 will take at least 40 minutes for a full system scan. I would not say other Anti-Virus is slow but I would like to summarize that this Anti-Malware is fast in performing a full system scan.

My Verdict

This Anti-Malware comes in with two versions where one is the free one and the other is of course the paid ones. The difference when you got the paid one is that you will have auto updates, scheduled scans and real-time protection. If you are looking for the three features above and on top of that, you are a Malwarebytes Anti-Malware supporter, then you are the right person to go for the paid version. I personally would not think that it is worth going for the paid one but I would keep the free version in my system as a weapon to battle any Malware in my system.

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  1. Wendolyn Koski says:

    Your site is very informative. I wait for the posts about new topics.

  2. razzs says:


    • Alan Tay says:

      Well, I think it performs quite a good as an anti-spyware software. However, many use it for secondary anti-spyware tool. Primary antivirus is going to be other software unless we put the MalwareBytes into a paid version.

  3. mick says:

    I am researching. I have a customer who refuses to give up his “nasty” sites that constantly infect his machine. He wants a higher level of protection. I routinely use RKILL first, Combofix second, and then follow up with MBAM as the cleanup.
    Its a very effective fix for most infections I see. This guy wants a more proactive approach that doesnt involve the obvious. (stop looking at porn all day). Any suggestions? Have you reviewed the paid Malwarebytes that use the memory resident function? Thanks!

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