4 Things You Should Do If You Are Affected With Sony Data Breach

If you happened to be one of the victim of Sony data breach, this post perhaps can help a little in your future internet safety. Before I go into the actual theme of this topic, let me go off topic a little while to explain some of the things to you regarding this attack. This is a data breach attach. Thus, your credentials such as username, address, first name, last name, email address, credit card details and all of the information that you provided to Sony previously was all now compromised. With all these details that the attackers had, do you think it is sufficient for them to steal your identity online? The answer is YES.


There are plenty of things that the attackers can do now with all this information and unfortunately, you can’t do much to prevent it. Unless, you will go and change your name, tell all your friends that your primary email has changed or even moving to a new home to prevent the attacker from knowing where you stay. You will not right? However, it is not the end of the world now. You can still stay extraordinary aware of things that is going to attack you and below are the things that you should do.

#1 – Manage your passwords for other online accounts

Although your password kept with Sony might not be 100% compromised, however there is still a chance even it is 1%. Would you take the 1% risk? If you are not, you need to change all your passwords if they are the similar password to the one you used in your Sony account (Which I think mostly are). Not to forget that you should create a strong password when changing to a new password.

#2 – Stay alert for all incoming mails especially from Sony

Your email address is already compromised which is going to lead to phishing attack next. From now onwards, you need to be aware of any emails sent to you especially those with hyper-links. If you happened to receive any emails that is requesting for sensitive information such as user password or credit card CCV/CVC of your credit card especially from Sony, best is not to provide as I would think Sony would not do that. Most probably they are the attackers that got your email from this attack and try to get some sensitive information from you.

#3 – Check your credit card statement regularly

If you happen to keep your credit card details with Sony, you need to get yourself more ready. This is because having your credit card numbers stolen will lead to the attacker using your credit card numbers to do online purchase. You need to consistently check your credit card statement and if possible, check item by item to ensure that you don’t have to pay for things that you did not buy.

#4 – Once and for all, replace a new card

If you are not comfortable having your credit card numbers stolen, go to your bank and replace a new card with new numbers. Tell them that you are the victim of the Sony data breach. They will be more than willing to replace a new one for you as this will save them a lot of trouble as well. This is because they will receive less calls from customers that trying to repudiate on things that they did not buy.


Sony Data Breach: My Verdict

Don’t give up if you happened to be one of the victim. I am sure some of the Sony Playstation fans are thinking of switching to XBOX 360. However, that is out of the scope of this post. Last but not least, if you happened to be one of the victim of Sony data breach, follow the tips above and stay safe on the internet.


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