The Bad Guys Are Teaming Up

This post is up due to the issue where this Zeus Trojan was up on sale of its source code to the underground market. In the first paragraph of that post of mine, I did mention that I am going to go down to the history of these popular Trojans. I know a lot of us hate history since our young period and to those who really hate history that much, well, I’m not too sure whether you are going to enjoy this.
Alright, history class starts. Zeus was first found in 1997 when it penetrates the US Department of Transportation. People began to aware of this Trojan at that time. Due to its uniqueness, the beginner’s hacking kit of this Trojan is pretty expensive at that time. Until it was reverse engineered, the price then dropped. There are still some starter kits for this Trojan where everything is ready made and you can even get support from the seller or developer. However this item you can only obtained from the underground seller which I am pretty sure that I do not know where to get this.
In our life, everything that we do, there is always competition. Even for Trojan’s business. SpyEye came up 2 years after Zeus. This new Trojan has the ability of what Zeus possessed. The detailed difference are not really sure however one thing for sure is, in order for SpyEye to kill off his competitor, the SpyEye kit actually has the checkbox to kill the existing Zeus Trojan. This means, this kit can wipe off the Zeus Trojan and leaving only the SpyEye Trojan in the victim PC.
Both these Trojans are famous of their key logging and information stealing capability. How the key logging works is that it will record the keyboard input and then send to the remote receiver where the receiver can use the logs to determine the username and password. It’s pretty surprising that how capable the authors are. Zeus actually had a hardware-based licensing protection for anti-piracy where the Zeus Kit can only be run on one computer. SpyEye on the other half has the hardware-lock which is using the VMProtect. Even Trojan business are also talking about software protection.
Now, I guess their war is ended. Just like our world war 2. It was rumored that the developer of Zeus turned their source code to SpyEye. The next move was to take the strongest piece from both part and combine them to form a ‘super-trojan’. It was mentioned that a group of criminals are trying to help each other to develop the super-trojan. There is also a piece of their feature which is to remove anti-Trojan tool that is designed by Trusteer. So far, it is still known as the Beta version according to Seculert, a new threat alert service started by former RSA fraud expert. Spreading through emails could be one common way. To find out more on how to protect yourself against these Trojans, you can refer to this entry.

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