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Internet web browser had been the item we use most of the time together with the internet. Apart from your messenger regardless of Windows Live, Yahoo or even Skype, I believe web browser is also another item that you frequently used.

The best practice to secure you from the internet threat is to avoid as many things as possible, such as browsing to malicious website, clicking URL from unknown sender or even launching an EXE file from an unknown sender.

However apart from preventing them, you should also strengthen your defences to have a better IT security.

As mentioned, web browser is one of the most frequently used internet item. With so many scans for internet threat, now Qualys offered a free web browser scan.

You can perform your internet browser scan over at here. The purpose of this scan is to check your browser for any vulnerability that is detected. As in common, hackers will make use of the vulnerabilities to compromise your web browser.

Thus, it is important for you to keep your browser off from as much vulnerability as possible. Once any vulnerability is detected, it will prompt you for the fix to your problem.

To be exact, it is not actually a vulnerability scan, but it is more towards checking the version of your web browser and its plugins. This is because a newer version of browser or plugins usually fixed certain vulnerabilities apart from adding new feature.

Therefore, it will scan for your plugins version and also your web browser version. One thing good about this scan is first and foremost, it is free. Secondly, the solution is pretty direct as it just prompts you for the download of the latest patch.

Another thing good is if it detects that you are using IE 6, it will also prompt for the update to IE 8.

Apart from those, this scan can support both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit. It also support for Linux and Mac machines by just installing the plugins. However, one of the cons that I can see is that it requires you to install a plugin for all platforms.

This is because; in order to keep your browser safe and fast, usually is to install less plugins for your browser to load. However, I don’t really this as a big issue. Following to my own rules, I will prefer to have a little hassle for a better security.

I would advise internet users especially the computer that you used for internet banking is scanned on the web browser used.

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