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‘A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking’ is an eBook that teach any beginner in this world to start an ethical hacking. Especially when you are completely NEW to hacking, this book suits you the best. But wait, isn’t it this site is to teach people on how to secure themselves with IT security?

First and foremost, the reason of me introducing the ethical hacking guide is to help some of the readers who are deep into IT security to expand their knowledge more. Ethical hacking is important because it will teach you the fundamental way of how a hacker will hack. By knowing how to hack, then you will know how to defend better. Which in the end, it is all what IT security is about. Thus, if you want to know the best way to stay safe in the IT field, this book can be the first step to it.

You might find that there are many ethical hacking books available, but most are written for the readers who have certain foundation in hacking. While this book is not. This book is specially written for people who has no knowledge at all in hacking. The content of this book is separated into 10 different chapters:
  1. Introduction
  2. Hacking and Programming
  3. Password Hacking
  4. Password Cracking
  5. Windows Hacking
  6. Wi-Fi Hacking
  7. Website Hacking
  8. Malware
  9. Safety and Countermeasures
  10. Conclusion

At the end, the outcome of reading this book is that you will be able to understand the fundamental of hacking techniques and also apply them in real world situation. This book will also makes you have the mindset of how hackers think. You will also learn how to secure yourself and protect yourself from any hack attacks. The highlights of the outcome are as below:
  • You will learn All Ethical hacking techniques and also you will learn to apply them in real world situation
  • You will start to think like hackers
  • Secure your computer from trojans, worms, Adwares etc
  • Amaze your friends with your newly learned tricks
  • You will be able to protect yourself from future hack attacks.

Upon the download of this eBook, you will also be given a bonus copy of ‘1000 Hacking Tutorials Leaked’ at a limited time only. Last but not least, if you are interested to land your hand and start doing some ethical hacking now, you can refer to this beginners hacking guide.

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    Informative Blog….Very helpgul for newbie….keep posting
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    Hi Alan,

    Do you have this ebook “A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking” ?


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    Hi Alan,
    I was also very interested in this Ebook “beginners guide to ethical hacking”, and would like to know where to download it.


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