Is It a Malware?

Malware can exists in many forms. It can be a Virus, Trojan, Worms or Spyware (See comparison in here). Some can be very very harmful and some can be just an observer. But anyway, these type of programs are not the programs that you want to run in your computer. You not even want them to exist in the first place. Well, if you are lucky, you will be able to identify them and quarantine or delete them off. That is, if you are very sure of all the files that suppose to be in your computer and some are not. But how sure are you?

Personally, I will not be able to remember all the running programs in my computer. I can only guess some of the programs should not be there. You can check your current running programs with your task manager under the Process tab. To see the location where that particular process is executed from, you can go to View and click on the Select Columns option. From there, allow the Image Path Name to be shown and you should be able to see your current running programs’ location. This is what I normally do if I suspect my computer is infected with some Malware.

However, I would not be able to identify the running programs whether is a virus or a normal program. There is one website that can be useful to help you analyze the program and it is called Virus Total. How it works is that you are required to upload your program to them via their web page. You can choose to send over SSL to protect the transmission layer if you feel that your program is a little private and confidential. Once you successfully uploaded the file, just wait for Virus Total to scan your file.

Virus total will use up to 40 over popular Anti Virus scanner to scan the single file that you uploaded. Those Anti Virus include Kaspersky, Avast, Bit Defender, Symantec, Microsoft, Trend Micro and many more. The Anti Virus definition that those Anti Virus use are the latest either it was just updated today or yesterday. However, the drawback of this website is that you can only upload one file and that single can be at the maximum of 20 MB.

Besides file scanning, sometimes you might also wonder a web URL contains malicious software or not. It is very normal to receive an unknown URL from your messenger or email. Sometimes, it is from your infected friend that the Malware inside his/her computer is sending the URL to you. The Malware can immediately infect your computer if the web browser that you are using is vulnerable to the attacking Malware from the bad URL. Thus, you can scan those web URL with Virus Total before visiting it as web browser hijacking is pretty normal nowadays. Unless you are very sure that the URL is safe.

Conclusion is that, Virus Total is a website that you can get your second  opinion from regarding Malware. I personally will take more precaution when dealing with Malware as I can see how dangerous a piece of Malware can do. It would not hurt for me to scan the file or URL first before opening them as it is better to be safe than sorry. I will end this post with the pros and cons of Virus Total and stay tuned with ITSC for more IT security related entry.

  • Uses up to 40 over popular Anti Virus
  • It can scan for both file and even web URL
  • File can be uploaded with SSL
  • It can only upload one file at a time
  • The maximum size of the file is limited to 20MB

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