How to Ensure Online Banking is Secured

Today there are many internet bank robbers and many are starting to think that online banking is not secured. There are also many utilities for them to use, such as the dangerous Tatanga virus and also other Trojan based attacking Malware. Hence, “Is internet banking safe?”. Many had given up on internet banking thinking that it is not safe to use especially for large amount of transaction. However, if internet banking is threated in a very respectful way, it is not directly a dangerous thing to use. Before we move into the useful tips, I would like to point out some tips that you can pay less attention to it.

Choosing the right internet browser?

Unless you are using IE6 that can be easily exploited, choosing the right internet browser is quite pointless. Although certain Malware can penetrate different respective web browser, those are just amateurs. For the experience attacker, their Malware should be able to cross-browser. This is to ensure that they are not too reliable to certain condition. Thus, internet browser does not bring much effect to your online banking security.

Using a MAC?

It is true that most virus are programmed in Windows base. Perhaps I could say using MAC for internet banking now is safer than Windows but not for too long. Look around you, with the growing number of iPAD and iPhone users around, I’m sure there will be more Malware programmed to target those users. Hence, using MAC for now is still safer than Windows but keep in your mind that it should not be for too long.

I would like everyone to take note that what I mentioned above does not mean you can totally ignore those tips. In fact, I just want you to pay closer attention to the more useful tips of securing your online banking below:

Use a dedicated PC for only online banking

It had been stressed a lot of times in all my entries. If you can have a PC that is just dedicated for online banking, then it will be good. However, you need to ensure that the PC is not use for other purposes. Not even check mail, visit other non-banking website and even messenger. Try not to install so many non-banking related stuff as well. Then, I can say that the PC is safe for online banking

Update Everything

Your Operating System, Anti Virus, Web Browser, and also all security related software installed in your PC. You need to update everything to the latest version. This is because sometimes they have some patch to fix certain vulnerabilities that they just found or some other user just reported. Thus, you need those patches to stay protected. Also do remember to scan your computer always with your Anti Virus, Anti Malware and also clean your registry. There is no other way to be secure than to be more troublesome.

Always Check Your Account

Now you already have internet banking. You should be convenient enough to check your accounts. Hence, you should try to check your account from time to time. Although at times it might be too late if you have found out something is wrong with your account, it is still easier for the bank to track your issue. If you leave it too long, then it will be difficult.

“Smell Test” the Website

Check the online banking website whether it has any changes from your previous login. If you feel that something is wrong with the current screen, then you should take immediate action. It is not wrong to be¬†suspicious since what we are dealing now with are money. If you feel something is wrong, take out your ATM card, and call the number behind your card to clarify. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Question Bank’s Practices

Question your bank about their practices. You need to know that. Ask them what they would do if you lost your password, ATM card or the security device. Ask them what is the procedure of changing password. If they reluctant to tell, lost your password intentionally to find out. Banks should be comfortable enough to let you know that their procedure of doing those task. This is because they should already have a safe way of doing it. If you feel that their way of retrieving password or handling lost password is not secure, find another bank that you are comfortable with.

Say NO to Strangers

Never never never, I mean really never use a public WIFI to do your internet transactions. Never! Public Wifi is the most unsecured place to do any internet banking. On top of that, people can easily hack the router and redirect every data you send out to their server first. Besides the WIFI, you should also never use any unfamiliar computer to perform online transactions.

Secured Online Banking Round Up

Final say, try to keep yourself safe as mentioned in the useful tips above. Part of any mistake, is your own responsibility. The intention of this entry is to bring up confident to people who have doubts with secured online banking and also to keep everyone of you aware that internet is very dangerous if you do not start protecting yourself.

Build Your Own Security
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