Cleaning Your Registry

There are a lot of ways to maintain your personal computer now such as cleaning your registry, virus cleaning and also defrag and cleanup your hard disk. You have anti-virus, anti-spyware, disk defragment, disk cleanup, disk error check and also free RAM’s memory software. Sometimes, you performed all those scans, and you still feel, “why my computer is still taking such a long time to startup?” Perhaps you could try going to msconfig and disable most of your startups to boost your Windows startup. But, is it the best choice? Well, there is something that you could is to perform registry cleaning.

What is the Windows Registry?
The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores the configuration and options on your Windows Operating system. This means that whatever application that you needed to run during startup is all registered into your Windows Registry. It is vital not to mess up with the Windows Registry as if you are inexperience to handle them, any single minor mistake could blow your Operating System away. If you are really serious of modifying something there, it is better to perform a system backup first so that if anything bad happened, you can still restore from there.
Yes, why you need to clean your registry? It is pretty simple. If you want your computer to perform a quicker startup, you need to clean your registry. Of course if your computer had a fresh Operating System installed, it might still be too early for registry cleaning. A lot of free product or product with certain trial period registered something into your registry and does not remove upon uninstallation. Not only that, sometimes improper uninstallation also will cause the program did not fully uninstall and kept some registry value in your Operating System. Thus, during startup, your Operating System will keep on running those files that already deleted and that is the main cause why your Operating System is slow during startup. If your registry is clean, then your Operating System will only start the necessary items.

Is My Computer Security Will Be Affected Without Registry Cleaning?
Probably. If you suspect your computer is having some virus, worms or trojans, then you should clean your registry. This is because the registry is where the starting point where all the Malware are executed upon startup of your Operating System. Attackers can make use of your registry to load some probe to attack your computer while hiding the actual from being detected. That is why Malware are not dead after you restart your computer. That is why, registry cleaning is important at least there is a chance to stop the Malware from reproducing upon Operating System startup.

How to Clean My Registry?
Registry cleaning had become a popular thing and there are many methods to clean your registry. One of the method is to do it manually, but of course, this is dangerous and sometimes you might not know where to start. There are some free tools around the web that can provide you some registry cleaning. However, as mentioned before, registry is a very important item for your Operating System. I would personally would rather invest a little more to get a better registry cleaning tool. One of the tool that is recommended by me is the Registry Easy software as this tool not only provide the backup and restore as a safety guard, but also other utilities that can be useful. You can refer to this entry (Registry Easy Review) to see how I personally view this registry cleaner.

Cleaning Your Registry – Final Say

The world is moving in a very face pace in IT technology. Registry cleaning might not be such a vital topic before, but with current hacking technologies around, it is necessary to run through a round of registry cleaning. Cleaning your registry not only gives you a boost in your Operating System performance and on top of that, it also gives you a better security.

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